Singapore residents will have to continue wearing masks after the circuit breaker ends, according to National Development Minister Lawrence Wong on Friday (May 8). And Facebook regular Ho Ching adds that “this is where DIY masks will be useful”.

Ms Ho, CEO of Temasek Holdings and wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, posted on the same day that reusable face masks would come in handy when the country exits the circuit breaker period but would require residents to continue wearing a mask.

Mr Wong, who co-chairs the multi-ministry task force on the Covid-19 crisis, had said at a virtual press conference: “The baseline protection will have to remain. Things like safe distancing measures, wearing of masks when you go out, or at work, all of these will remain post-June 1. There’s no doubt about that.”

After sharing the news, Ms Ho provided a few suggestions on how the public could transform DIY masks for repeated use, such as having one made with pockets. That way, any synthetic fabric like rayon or nylon stocking material could be inserted as an additional filtration layer.

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Ms Ho also illustrated a hack for creating an electrostatic charge on the filter to “zap the bacteria and viruses and not just rely on the physical filtration by size”. She explained that by rubbing the synthetic fabric of the filter on a non-conductive plastic surface, it builds up an electrostatic charge similar to the occurrence of certain types of clothing clinging to the skin during dry winter or humid tropical weather conditions.

“Other than an added piece of fabric material as an additional filter for DIY masks, we can also insert a surgical mask as an added filter,” said Ms Ho. She mentioned how this would keep the surgical mask clean and reusable.

“So let’s not be fixated on a surgical mask as a fashion item, but look for other solutions,” Ms Ho added.

When a member of the public commented on her post about the changes in Government advice regarding face masks, Ms Ho replied that there is a need to adapt accordingly based on the current situation.

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Photo: FB screengrab / Ho Ching

Ms Ho has also been frequently sharing the initiatives of individuals sewing reusable cloth masks for the community. Visit Masks Sewn With Love for more information.

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