SINGAPORE – On Saturday (Apr 11) Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan put up a post on Facebook explaining that ‘wearing of masks will be compulsory’ even after the end of the circuit breaker measures, which are set to be lifted by May 4.

In his post, he stated, “With ‘Circuit Breaker’ (CB) measures in place, trains and buses are not crowded and safe distancing is possible for public transport. But when crowds return to buses and trains, safe distancing rules will push waiting crowds on the platforms and outside of stations, with long queues.”

He continued, “I can imagine impatient, and even angry commuters. I think a practical compromise is for all commuters to wear masks when they use public transport. We will make mask-wearing compulsory for public transport. This will minimise transmission in public transport during post-CB period when safe distancing is compromised.”

Mr Wan’s post, which has 762 likes and 286 comments, has also been shared at least 398 times. As always, there were quite a lot of netizens that expressed their opinions. One such netizen was Nam Kok Koo.

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Source: Screenshot from Facebook / Khaw Boon Wan

Others were much harsher when it came to what they had to say about his post. Eric Tanth shared his ideas on these lawmakers and their instructions, claiming that they’re intentions were not for the betterment of the public at all, but for their own personal gain.

Source: Screenshot from Facebook / Khaw Boon Wan

Another Facebook user, Jigmey Chunzen, was appealing for these policymakers to make these policies into law, and not just while using public transport either.

Source: Screenshot from Facebook / Khaw Boon Wan

Meanwhile, Weng Cheong shared his ideas about how he thinks the government can implement their ideas. He suggested that they provide more buses, more affordable masks, and make sure that stores are fully stocked at all times, too.

Source: Screenshot from Facebook / Khaw Boon Wan

Once such citizen, Lance Kuan, gave his opinion straight and without emotion. He shared that aside from mask-wearing being “the new normal until the pandemic is definitely over,” he also said that the government needs “to be tough and firm in their actions,” as well.

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Source: Screenshot from Facebook / Khaw Boon Wan

Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan finished his Facebook post with, “To prepare for this, we will get commuters to wear masks, NOW, when using public transport. Our Transport Ambassadors will remind them to do so. Our posters too. If you do not have one, please go to your nearest CC to collect it NOW. Tomorrow is the last day for mask-collection. But when you do, please don’t loiter in CC. Collect your mask and go home. And stay home, please.” /TISG