Singapore—Speaking at ruling People’s Action Party PAP65 Awards and Convention at Singapore Expo on Sunday, November 10, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said that the motion he filed in Parliament last week calling for opposition leaders to be recused from town council financial matters had been borne out of trust and integrity.

Moreover, he expects that the party’s fourth-generation leaders (4G) will uphold the same standards, saying that it is these standards that are the foundation of the country’s success, according to a Straits Times (ST) report.

The November 5 motion brought by DPM Heng, who is also Singapore’s Finance Minister, would “affirm the vital importance of MPs maintaining high standards of integrity and accountability.

Mr Heng’s motion came on the heels of the recently delivered verdict of High Court Judge Kannan Ramesh, wherein he called out Ms Lim and Mr Low for improper and dishonest conduct.

The Judge said that the WP MPs “acted dishonestly” and were “in breach of their fiduciary duties,” which Mr Heng’s motion reiterated, adding that Ms Lim and Mr Low’s behavior “lacked integrity and candour”.

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The motion also said, “Ms Lim and Mr Low were fully aware that their conduct was of questionable legality,” and asked the Members of Parliament to “affirm the vital importance of MPs maintaining high standards of integrity and accountability.”

Mr Heng said on Sunday, “The issues were very serious. They called into question the integrity of elected officials.

As the party in power, it is our responsibility to ensure the integrity of the system in Singapore. We must and have taken a clear stand on this matter of principle.

As PAP activists, the motion should also be a solemn reminder that we set an even higher bar for ourselves, and Singaporeans will expect no less.”

The DPM had said that the party’s 4G leaders will not be able to carve out the country’s future by themselves, but needs everyone to trust them and work alongside them.

Mr Heng spoke directly to the activists of the party, encouraging them to become dynamic in being catalysts of change as members of a “party of action.” He asked that they would support PAP in the endeavour to win the people’s trust and ensure that there will be a decisive mandate in the upcoming GE, as well as broaden a democracy of action.

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He also said that Sunday night’s gathering may well be the last time that they all assemble together before the next GE is held, adding that Singaporeans won’t just judge their elected officials based on promises made during an election period, but their deeds in the past half-decade, as well as PAP’s legacy through the years.

The Deputy Prime Minister added,”Our track record is clear for all to see. This is what the PAP’s mission is about – progress, fairness and justice… We have always done what is right by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans. The 4G will do the same.” -/TISG

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