Singapore — Yet another incident of inconsiderate residents at a Housing and Development Board (HDB) block was highlighted online; this time, the buildup of items for disposal blocked the trash chute.

“Look. New study corner,” wrote Facebook user Ashley Li on the community page Complaint Singapore on Monday (Dec 27).

The concerned resident shared a photo of their common corridor near the rubbish chute. It appears multiple items needing disposal have piled up in the area, resulting in what Mr Li called a “new study corner.”

“I understand if sometimes you have a lot of things to throw and it is tiring to move it downstairs. But I don’t understand why you have to completely block the chute,” he added.

In response to the photo, members from the online community said this was a common problem among residents.

“My friend told me she faces the same problem like this at her level every day,” commented Facebook user Gracia Grace.

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“People just leave empty takeaways on the floor, too lazy to open the chute. Leave bulky items like carpets, broken chairs, etc., near the chute.”

The netizen said it was “very frustrating and disappointing” that people were inconsiderate.

“Inconsiderate. They could’ve called Town Council (TC) to help them clear bulky items for free,” said Facebook user Putri Shaghira.

Meanwhile, others said such residents were just waiting for another frustrated neighbour to help them dispose of the items.

“There are people who assume that the rubbish chute (area) is where you dump your rubbish – those that fit into the chute and those that don’t. They assume that someone would clear the mess,” added another netizen.

A similar incident was also featured on media earlier this month, with a Sengkang resident using the lift landing outside her HDB unit as a storage area.

Over three years, the clutter occupied more and more space, leaving residents with only one metre of space to pass through the area.

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Despite repeated advice from the TC, the items would disappear temporarily but eventually build up once more over time.

Residents with furniture and other bulky items needing disposal can call their respective TC during office hours to request the service. Most allow up to three moveable items per household per month free of charge. /TISG

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