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SINGAPORE: The Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore has launched the Sample Household Survey (SHS) 2023/24, a study to gather feedback from residents about their public housing experience and evolving needs.

About 8,600 households and single occupiers residing in HDB towns and estates across the island will be invited to participate in the survey, which will run from October 2023 to April 2024.

The SHS, conducted every five years since 1968, has provided valuable insights into housing preferences and satisfaction levels of Singaporean residents. The latest SHS, the 12th iteration, will introduce three main focus areas: household and singles needs and aspirations, social well-being, and physical living environment.

The SHS 2023/24 aims to gather views from a diverse range of HDB residents, including families, single homeowners, elderly citizens, and rental households. A key highlight of this year’s survey is the inclusion of singles, specifically those aged between 21 and 54, residing in HDB flats but not owning one. This survey will explore their views on marriage, housing needs and aspirations, sense of belonging, and outlook on life.

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The survey also promises to thoroughly examine the well-being of HDB residents on personal, family, and community levels, focusing on both physical and mental well-being.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, SHS 2023/24 is expected to be instrumental in understanding the concept of community resilience and how physical and social infrastructure can support communities in bouncing back from shocks and stresses.

The quality of the physical living environment is crucial in influencing housing aspirations and determining residents’ mobility for work, leisure, and education. This section of the survey will evaluate residents’ satisfaction with the various facilities available within their HDB estates and their housing preferences and aspirations.

Notification letters will be sent out in batches to HDB residents, inviting them to participate in the survey. The survey can be conducted face-to-face or online, ensuring maximum accessibility to residents.

To conduct the surveys, HDB has commissioned an external vendor, Media Research Consultants (MRC) Pte Ltd, whose representatives will carry their company’s identity pass and HDB’s Authorisation Letter during their fieldwork. Residents invited to participate in the survey are encouraged to actively share their views, ultimately playing a crucial role in shaping their home and community.

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The results for SHS 2023/24 are expected to be available in 2025, offering valuable insights into the evolving housing needs and well-being of Singapore’s residents.