A concerned Housing and Development Board (HDB) resident asked the online community how to handle his neighbour, who liked banging metal objects from morning to night.

“How to handle such neighbour who had been banging metal for the past year (9 am to 10 pm daily)?” asked a Facebook group Complaint Singapore member on Aug 31.

The original poster attached a video with the metal clanging noise. It appears that someone was picking up a metal pole and dropping it on the floor repeatedly.

When asked by netizens if the original poster tried talking to his neighbour, he said, “Already asked. Apparently, he has an issue with his neighbour and did this sound to annoy them.”

Residents stuck in the middle of a feud between two neighbours could relate, especially if the parties’ mode of retaliation involved noise pollution.

Meanwhile, others wondered if anything could be done to address the matter.

Facebook user Daniel Ng said that their 28th-floor neighbour would start pounding the floor 10 times and then stop every day from 2 am to 5 am.

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“The vibration would reach my floor on the 26th floor, and I will wake up as I’m a light sleeper,” said Mg Ng.

The resident on the 27th floor had reported the issue to the police, town council and HDB to no avail. “So either you live with it or move out,” he added.

“You move out, or your noisy neighbour moves out,” said Facebook user Dexter GS, sharing the same sentiments.

Others wondered if someone was operating a home-based workshop based on the noise.

Still, a netizen advised capturing some evidence, recording the noise and time it occurs before reporting to the town council./TISG

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ByHana O