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HDB-dwellers, how do you guys deal with noise of construction, and renovation? — Resident asks

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Netizens had a variety of suggestions from soundproofing the room to heavy curtains and special earplugs to block out noise

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user resorted to crowdsourcing solutions to address the noise in his neighbourhood, especially from construction and renovation projects.

“HDB-dwellers, how do you guys deal with the noise?” asked u/secretonlinecrush on r/askSingapore on May 29 (Monday), adding that construction where he lives begins at 8:00 am or even earlier and can end later than 7:00 pm daily, in addition to the renovation works that are ongoing as well.

“My question is: How do you handle the noise? Do you soundproof your room, and how? It’s been having a very detrimental domino effect for me: I’ve been slowly going crazy from the exhaustion of waking up early and finding a place to camp at for the day to avoid the noise, coming home late also to avoid the noise, having to deal with my family in the evening, and then sleeping late because the only time I can relax with some peace and quiet is after 11PM. I’ve fallen sick and been unable to recover for almost a month because of the exhaustion… It’s really annoying,” he wrote.

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One netizen suggested good curtains, which can block out noise and light, and on a personal level, said that noise-cancelling headphones worked for him.

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Several netizens told him that a degree of noise could be gotten used to.

But the post author said that getting used to noise is not an option because of his sensory issues.

This prompted another commenter to suggest etymotic earplugs, allowing sound but at quieter levels.

Another individual who had the same experiences as the post author wrote, “Honestly the minister should Sit his expensive brain right next to the construction site before approving these noise limits.”

Another suggested soundproofing materials be used on the wall.

Others suggested soundproofing windows. 

Late last year, a Marymount resident went to great lengths to document the noise level near his residence that has been keeping him awake at night, to the point of buying a noise level monitor and documenting his nightly ordeal on TikTok. /TISG

Marymount resident can’t sleep at night from construction noise; proves noise ‘way above-permitted level of 55dBA’

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