Netflix has confirmed the production of a new series titled “Can This Love Be Translated” and announced its cast!

On June 27, Netflix revealed that the series will feature Kim Seon Ho, Go Youn Jung, Sota Fukushi, Lee Yi Dam, and Choi Woo Sung. The romantic comedy follows Joo Ho Jin (Kim Seon Ho), a multilingual interpreter who works for global superstar Cha Mu Hee (Go Youn Jung).

Photo: Instagram/Netflix Korea

Crafted by Hong sisters

The series is crafted by the Hong sisters, renowned for hits such as “Alchemy of Souls,” “Hotel Del Luna,” “The Greatest Love,” and “Master’s Sun.” Directed by Yoo Young Eun, who is known for the visually striking and sensitively directed “Bloody Heart,” “Can This Love Be Translated” promises to be an engaging romantic comedy for a worldwide audience.

Kim Seon Ho, famous for his roles in “Start-Up,” “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” and the film “The Childe,” will portray Joo Ho Jin, a skilled interpreter fluent in multiple languages including English, Japanese, and Italian.

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Known for other roles

Go Youn Jung, playing the confident top star Cha Mu Hee, is known for her versatile performances in “Sweet Home,” “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow,” “Moving,” and the film “Hunt.”

Sota Fukushi, recognized for his roles in movies such as “As the Gods Will,” “Bleach,” and “My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday,” and drama series “Library Wars: The Last Mission” and “I’m Taking The Day Off,” will make his debut in a Korean production with this series.

Joining them are Lee Yi Dam, known for her roles in Netflix series “Daily Dose of Sunshine” and “Black Knight,” and Choi Woo Sung, who has delivered strong performances in dramas like “Chief Detective 1958,” “Melancholia,” and “My Roommate Is a Gumiho.”

“Can This Love Be Translated” is set to be an exciting addition to Netflix’s lineup, offering a blend of humor and romance with a stellar cast.