Alex Au

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It looks like there is no second chance for controversial blogger Alex Au. After letting him go over a contempt of court issue in July because he had apologised and promised not to repeat similar postings on his blogsite, the AGC has decided enough is enough.
It is seeking the High Court’s permission to take legal action against Au for two postings in October in his Yawning Bread blog which the AGC says are tantamount to contempt of court. The AGC was quoted as saying that Au was already “given a chance”.
The two posts in October relate to two court cases involving Section 377A., which criminalises sex between men. In the first, Au is accused of saying that the Supreme Court deliberately manipulated hearing dates to allow the Chief Justice to influence a case. In the second, Au is said to have accused the judiciary of being incapable of making independent judgements.
Cyber attacks, proposed laws against cyber harassment, PM’s speech on new media and now this. The Internet crowd has a lot on their plate.

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