A video of an SUV, its rear wheels perfectly positioned on top of another vehicle, stunned netizens who initially thought the whole thing was a piece of art.

The video was shared by Facebook page ROADS.sg on Monday (Nov 21) with the caption, “Superb driving skills.” A grey sports-utility vehicle sat perpendicularly on top of a blue car, its front wheels dangling on the side.

It appears that a green rubbish bin was affected by the crash as it lay underneath the SUV.

Photo: FB screengrab/ROADS.sg

The video focuses on the woman still inside the vehicle. Three men assisted her to alight safely from the car.

Photo: FB screengrab/ROADS.sg
Photo: FB screengrab/ROADS.sg

Although the incident didn’t happen in Singapore, as confirmed by ROADS.sg, the video still amazed the online community, who noted that it took great skill to perform this stunt.

“Wow, such accuracy. Until cannot move at all, impressive,” said Facebook user Lenny Och Andy.

“At first, I thought it’s a piece of art installation art,” said Facebook user Lee Kei Ming, referring to how the SUV dangled on top of another car with nothing underneath to hold it up.

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“For a while, that looked like a glitch in the matrix,” admitted another netizen.

A similar scenario, giving new meaning to “double parking,” went viral online last month when a Honda Civic landed on a Mercedes in a car park. /TISG

New meaning to double parking, new style to save space: Stack!

ByHana O