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After reports that Olympic champion Joseph Schooling was found to have taken cannabis overseas in May when he was on short-term disruption from full-time National Service (NS) to train and participate in the Southeast Asian Games, many netizens appear to be inclined to forgive and move on.

Amanda Lim, his fellow national swimmer, was also found to have consumed a controlled drug. She has since been issued a stern warning by CNB under the Misuse of Drugs Act. 

Schooling was issued a formal letter of warning by the Ministry of Defence “informing him of the serious consequences of drug abuse meted out to all SAF personnel, who may be sentenced up to nine months detention in the SAF Detention Barracks.”

The athlete issued an apology on Tuesday (Aug 30), citing “a moment of weakness after going through a very tough period of my life”.

Mr Calvin Schooling, 73, the swimmer’s father, died last November at the Singapore General Hospital with his family by his side.

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“Colin was a giant among men. He would always tell you what he thought, no holds barred. We will miss him tremendously. The Schooling family would like to thank everyone for their support and words of comfort during this tough time, a spokesperson for the family said at the time.

Mr Schooling had been battling liver cancer prior to his demise.

Many Singaporeans responding online to the news of the swimmer’s cannabis use have been inclined to ask that he be given a break and a second chance, including Workers’ Party Member of Parliament Jamus Lim.

Some netizens even addressed the athletes directly to send encouraging messages to them.

Others cited the amount of pressure high-profile athletes undergo.


‘Everyone makes mistakes. I have too, and will likely do so in the future’ — Jamus Lim on Joseph Schooling’s cannabis use