SINGAPORE: Singapore food guru KF Seetoh weighed in on Joseph Schooling’s retirement and the need for young people today to have goals in life in a recent social media post.

Schooling, Singapore’s first and only Olympic gold medallist, announced his retirement from competitive swimming earlier this week. That same day, Apr 2, a letter from his mother, May Yim Schooling, detailing how proud she is of her son, was published in The Straits Times.

“All we wanted for you was to be happy, believe and achieve your dream. And when you achieved your dream of winning an Olympic gold medal, you helped many people in Singapore understand that while dreams may be elusive, they are not impossible. They can now believe in your motto, ‘Dare to Dream’!” she wrote.

Mr Seetoh said that the athlete’s mum is “spot on” in saying that children should be allowed to pursue what they want, adding that Joseph had known what he wanted —to win an Olympic god medal—even when he was very young.

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However, the Makansutra founder added that the youth today are not like this.

“Sadly and frankly most kids today are clueless on goals and real ambitions. If you are aimless, no amount of mollycoddling, food n love (are) gonna make you understand, complaining ‘why am I even born’, or that ‘I didn’t asked to be born!’”

He appears to believe that the young have this attitude because they’re “not out to achieve, just kicking the can down some HDB play yard.”

Moreover, he told them that they are “not special,” and that to believe “every TikTok post” that tells them they are unique and special would cause problems.

“You are just a teenee part of their algorithm,” he added.

Mr Seetoh acknowledged that having long-term goals at an early age is difficult, but goals are necessary in life.

“Even doing something simple to make today a little better than yesterday, helping the less blessed or doing your bit to stem climate change, or even selling the best Nonya food to honor your granny. etc.. then you know why you were born.

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“It’s not easy to be special, but not impossible too,” he added. /TISG

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