Feeling peckish? Craving for some kueh? Whatever the time of day (or night), there’s a kueh for every situation. These colourful little sweet and savory treats never fail to soothe hungry bellies, perk up low spirits or put smiles on weary faces. While Singapore’s snack scene is full to the brim with exciting flavours and new players, traditional kueh will always be the nation’s nostalgic favourite.

One of the best conveniences of the modern age is getting food delivered straight to your doorstep. And while pizza normally comes to mind, we are here to remind you that your favourite kueh can be delivered, too. Read on to find out which establishments offer island-wide traditional kueh delivery, and place that order, stat!

HarriAnns Nonya Table

Image credit: HarriAnns Facebook

When it comes to kueh, HarriAnns knows what they’re talking about. In terms of traditional kueh, this Peranakan dessert brand can be relied on to produce top quality kuehs, cakes and other goodies.

Check out their kueh platters—S$15 for a Petite Platter, S$35 for a Family Platter and S$65 for a Signature Platter of assorted kuehs. While there is no minimum order for delivery anywhere in Singapore, orders S$80 and above will be delivered for free!

How to get your kueh: WhatsApp HarriAnns at +65 97923523 and +65 91917277 or visit their website.

Kuehdys Foo

Image credit: @kuehdysfoo Instagram

Besides the usual kueh menu favourites like the Ang Ku Kueh, Kuehdys Foo specializes in traditional Hainanese treats, such as Yi Bua and Da Kak Lau. The business, run by cook and owner Gladys Foo, has become a kueh-go-to for Instagram foodies.

Kuehdys Foo also offers gorgeous hand-sewn fabric kueh box carriers, which are very pretty ways to package the delicious traditional snacks. Christmas gift ideas, anyone?

How to get your kueh: Order from Kuehdys Foo’s Instagram.

Kueh Ho Jiak 

Kueh doesn’t have to be pretty—as long as it’s delicious, we’ll stuff it into our mouths. But if you want your kueh to taste good and look the part as well, then Kueh Ho Jiak is the place for you. The establishment boasts distinctly finely-shaped and differently-hued kuehs, thanks to their special recipe of infusing the kueh skin with sweet potato.

Kueh Ho Jiak has many delicacies to offer, from more traditional flavours to bolder tastes. They also have a generous selection of savoury kueh platters to cater to your salty needs.

How to get your kueh: Check out Kueh Ho Jiak’s website.


Rainbow Lapis

Image credit: Rainbow Lapis Facebook
Rainbow Lapis has made a name for itself when it comes to being a trustworthy steward and purveyor of Singapore’s heritage delicacies. It’s all about the quality of the kueh, and everything is exquisitely handmade.
From Nonya Kuehs to traditionally baked Kueh Lapis, Rainbow Lapis offers it all. Can’t decide with kueh to best chow on? Try the Happy Box, which offers a mix of traditional kuehs in one box. Want to be surprised completely? The Surprise Box promises hidden delights—10 secret sweet kuehs and a filigree blessing cookie to boot.
Rainbow Lapis does charge for delivery—from S$5 to S$8. The minimum order is S$30, and orders over S$60 get delivered for free.

How to get your kueh: Call Rainbow Lapis at +65 6244 8719 or order here.


Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery

Image credit: Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery website

Some of the best kueh recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. At Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery, it’s the family business. For over 50 years, the three-generation family-run company has been handcrafting quality kuehs for Singaporeans to enjoy and love. With a wide range of traditional kuehs to choose from, Lek Lim offers satisfaction for both your sweet and salty taste buds.

When ordering from Lek Lim, remember to place your order at least 3 days in advance and by 4pm. They do charge for delivery, with prices dependent on location. For those residing in the East and with orders above S$150, Lek Lim promises free delivery.

How to get your kueh: Place your order on Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery’s website.

Kueh lovers can also check out Auntie Bedah Delights (for huge kueh platters and large orders), Poh Cheu Kitchen Pte Ltd (for some of the best Ang Ku Kueh and Soon Kueh), and Ang Ku Kueh Hut (they specialise in all flavours of Ang Ku Kueh, as the name suggests).