Sec. Brad Raffensperger of the State of Georgia conveyed confidence in the state’s enhanced preparedness to tackle election hoaxes and disinformation in the 2024 elections. Such confidence was conveyed in a recent interview with POLITICO inside his office at the state capitol.

Sec. Raffensperger, while acknowledging the challenges, asserted that Georgia has made significant strides, surpassing many other states in fortifying its electoral processes.

Highlighting key measures that set Georgia apart, Sec. Raffensperger pointed to the recent enactment of a law regulating absentee ballot drop boxes and empowering the state to scrutinize underperforming county election officials.

Emphasizing the state’s growing experience in handling disinformation, he underscored the favorable conditions expected with the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, facilitating the smooth operation of election workers.

Raffensperger and Kemp

A pivotal change is the united front presented by him and Republican Governor Brian Kemp against former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud during their 2022 reelection campaigns.

Raffensperger, a conservative Republican, expressed the significance of providing factual information to fellow conservatives. “I think it’s very helpful to have me as a Republican… to give them the facts,” he said.

The state secretary highlighted the state’s commitment to modernizing its election infrastructure with the successful purchase and implementation of the $100 million touchscreen voting machines from Dominion Voting Systems in 2019.

Integrity of electoral processes

These remarks come in the wake of Georgia and Raffensperger being targets of former President Trump and his allies’ efforts to influence the state’s 2020 election outcome.

Notably, Trump was recorded pressuring Raffensperger to find additional votes, a controversial incident that has added fuel to the ongoing debate over election integrity.

As Georgia gears up for the next election cycle, Raffensperger remains optimistic about the state’s ability to navigate potential challenges and maintain the integrity of its electoral processes.

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