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A viral tweet has ignited a debate about the perception of “woke” culture among Gen Z. A claim that “woke” is only for the unattractive has sparked widespread discussion, prompting questions about the role of “wokeness” in youth culture. 

While definitions of “woke” vary, with progressives viewing it as social awareness and conservatives using it pejoratively, the tweet has shed light on the stereotypes associated with the term. 

This discourse comes amidst ongoing cultural shifts, with “woke” ideals increasingly influencing societal norms and even corporate policies. Research suggesting beauty advantages among conservatives adds an intriguing layer to the discussion.

According to a study done in 2020, conventionally attractive women and men are typically more conservative than liberal. It seems for the average American, a more attractive counterpart may vote for the Republicans instead of the Democrats. 

Being woke is for “unattractive” people

Conservative X users state that they are glad that the Gen-Z group is waking up to reality. It seems that prior to this, the younger generation is seemingly ultra liberal. Previously, many complained that the younger generation is more woke than anyone else. 

Furthermore, there are several debates among those from the same generation. But it seems that a majority of X are in fact conservative. The Gen-Zs on X are rather vocal and claim that they in fact believe this sentiment. 

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