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SINGAPORE: Revenge travel is a thing these days, which means it’s highly likely that with many countries fully opened up, more people than ever—maybe even including you and me—will be flying somewhere in 2023.
Now, we’ve heard about muggings and robberies while travelling, but one former SIA flight attendant took to TikTok to say that in-flight theft also happens.


Sometime it happen among crew too 🫤😰 #tiktok #foryoupage #fyp #tiktok #theft

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The former flight attendant, Amber Tan, also gave an important tip on how to make sure your valuables don’t stolen during a flight, which is to keep them with you, under your seat, instead of in the overhead bin.

“Does theft on board happen? Answer is yes.

Did it happen on my flight before? Answer is yes.”

“I would actually advise you to put your belongings, those that are more important, with you, under your seat, in front of you.

Not in the overhead compartment itself.”

On one flight, Ms Tan continued, a passenger came up to her and the other cabin crew member to say that some money had been stolen.

Although they investigated the matter, SIA flight attendant added there wasn’t much they could do.

The former SIA flight attendant said there was only a 20 percent chance of recovering the money.

Taking care of one’s valuables should not only begin in another country, but vigilance should take place on the flight itself.

But the SIA flight attendant  added that theft onboard is not that common, admonishing viewers to “stay safe” and “travel safe.”

Earlier this year, published a list of other useful tips on how to prevent theft on flights.

The most helpful among them are:

  1. “If it’s really valuable, leave it at home. If you can’t afford to lose it, the best advice I can give anyone about preventing theft of their belongings while traveling is, if you can’t afford to have something lost or stolen, leave it at home.
  2. Before you stow your carry-on, lock it. Make it as hard as possible for thieves to quickly get into your bag, find valuable items and take them. If your bag is locked, a thief is more likely to try someone else’s unlocked bag.”
  3. If you’re traveling alone and need to use the lavatory, take your personal item with you into the lavatory. Personal items are too easily snatched when unattended. You can’t depend on strangers sitting beside you to protect your belongings.”



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