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Five experiences of Chindians who celebrate Chinese New Year




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Darryl Ian Koshy (also known as Dee Kosh) is prominent YouTube personality, has cut a video explaining the legit experiences of Chindians (children of Chinese-Indian mixed parentage) celebrating Chinese New Year. Dee Kosh is Chindian himself.
1. Some Chindians cannot speak Chinese well
“When everyone else is throwing the lo-hei up in the air, I have got no idea what to say. You see me at the side like “gong xi fa cai, ang pow na lai…”…
2. Extended family don’t know that there’s a Chindian in it
“Some of them don’t know that my married an Indian man. So when they see me they’ll be like, “wow, why is there a dark person here? Why is there a dark person?”, and I understand your reaction…”this is Chinese New Year, not Deepavali”, so one of my aunty’s would have to explain to them that my married an Indian guy and all that jazz, and these people will be like, “oh! oh! oh! ni the papa hindu-ren”…(cousins wonder) who is the dark person? who is the Malay person? in the picture.
3. When Chindians go for reunion dinners in Chinese restaurants think they can’t serve pork
“Eh, you can eat or not? This one pork. This one pork”
4. Strangers stare at Chindian families
5. When Chindians speak Chinese, Chinese get overly excited
Well, you just have to watch the video.

A Chindian Chinese New Year

A Chindian Chinese New Year. Being Chindian and celebrating Chinese New Year is very…different. If you care to know, press play…

Posted by Dee Kosh on Saturday, 6 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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