It was a heartwarming moment caught on camera when a bride was reunited with her family’s domestic helper from the Philippines, who had been with them for 27 years.

Singaporean Kelly Chua, 28, uploaded a video of the “biggest wedding surprise ever” on her TikTok account @otter.totts on Thursday (Apr 28).

Ms Chua shared that her brother flew in their yaya (caretaker in Tagalog) from the Philippines to attend her wedding.

As Ms Chua turned around and spotted the surprise, she couldn’t help but cry. The camera transitions to the audience, showing the domestic helper, also in tears.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/otter.totts
Photo: TikTok screengrab/otter.totts

“She went home three years ago and told me she couldn’t attend my wedding because she didn’t manage to renew her passport,” Ms Chua explained.

“But my brother actually had it all planned from the start,” she added.

The family gestures to their yaya, named Lita, to come forward, and she and Ms Chua share a long hug.

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Photo: TikTok screengrab/otter.totts

AsiaOne reported that Ms Chua considered Ms Lita as her “second mother,” noting it meant so much for her to be a part of their special day.

It was also revealed that everyone in the family was in on the surprise, with Ms Lita staying at Ms Chua’s aunt and grandma’s place for five days before the wedding.

“Didn’t need to sob at 5:10 am, but here I am. How beautiful,” commented a TikTok user, admitting the same sentiment as many others.

Ms Lita’s granddaughter also commented on the video, noting they too were happy that Ms Lita could be there for Ms Chua’s wedding.

“The brother just won the ‘best brother of the year’ award,” said TikTok user Raj Sandhu.

Many others also thanked the kindhearted family for “loving and appreciating their yaya.”

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