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Father of three is left jobless for over a year after suffering a minor stroke that left him with debilitating side effects

Patient's friend has helped him organise crowdfunding so that he can consult a nerve specialist.




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A netizen has shared the plight of a father of three who has been left jobless for over a year after suffering debilitating pain due to a minor stroke.

Facebook user Farhan Zalina Nur Inani wrote that his friend, Sumantrie, even had to pull his young children out of school due to outstanding school fees that have accumulated as a result of their difficult financial circumstances.

Farhan wrote on social media that Sumantrie is an ex-army mate who is in his mid-30s. Sumantrie, who is married with three children aged 7, 5 and 4, apparently “suffered a minor stroke while working as a container specialist in late 2017.”

The stroke left Sumantrie with serious side effects. According to Farhan, the “right side of his body suffered nerves damage and is physically weak. His right hand dont even have strength to open a can drink and his right leg will jam up and freeze due to his nerves making him prone to falls and movement difficult.

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“He also suffered severe vomiting and diarrhoea and he lost weight tremendously from 87 to 42 kg.”

Farhan wrote that Sumantrie was “asked to leave his job with the company citing “poor attendance and multiple M.Cs” even though he had accomplished all the tasks given. The monthly incentives which they kept on hold were also not paid and the boss has ignored his calls and messages.”

After leaving his job as a container specialist, Sumantrie has been jobless for months. His wife is apparently the sole breadwinner and the family is “surviving on what little savings they had and handouts from family and close friends.”

Farhan shared: “Their 3 beautiful and adorable children aged 7,5 and 4 have had to stop school due to outstanding school fees. They have approached their MP and some assistance has been given and their attempts to get help from social workers and associations are still awaiting reply.”

Sumantrie has asked Farhan’s help to organise crowdfunding for him so that he can “consult a nerve specialist and seek treatment for his condition.” Farhan added that he hopes other organisations will also come forward to help the child join school again. He appealed:

“If anyone wishes to contribute to the crowdfund, please transfer to his account number below. All donations will go to his family directly and any amount is appreciated.
Mohammed Sumantrie bin Ismail
POSB savings 350-02615-0
HP: 9014 2494
“I would like to ask a favour from my fellow family, friends, acquaintances or anyone who stumbles on this post to help share as much as possible or tag any associations, charities or organisations that may be able to assist his family. And lastly please help to pray for his recovery and his family’s wellbeing.”

Read Farhan’s post in full here:


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