By: Alfred Dodwell

Why? Why? Why? Why so little? and why so little for so long?

I have a lot more questions for incumbent FAS to answer on the financials concerning Tote Board, SG Sports and other donors?

Also ..

Where were the other teams standing for elections? Why no show at AGM? How can you stand for elections if you don’t take a deep interest in the issue of the FAS constitutional reforms?

The incumbent FAS team of appointed or anointed (depends on how you would like to see it) President, Deputy President, x4 VPs and x many council members … they all presided over these FAS budgets for many years and they presented the numbers. Now, it should not take James Lim or Alfred Dodwell to raise queries to then seek to address this vast ocean gap of financial support.

The incumbent FAS have to provide an explanation to all Football loving people in Singapore … why? Why! Why? Why so little and why so little for far too long?

Bernard Tan, one of the VP said they have to present the Budget to Tote Board. So is he implying Tote Board did not want expenses for the amateur leagues?

If so, it’s not about which slate, which president or deputies or VPs, it’s about Tote Board or SG Sports and the other donors determining the direction of Football in Singapore by determining financial allocation. This just can’t be right on so many levels. We have not heard from Tote Board or other donors. I will respectfully enquire from them. But I believe they are for total development of Football and they could not have directed this expenses in this manner. No worries. We will get to the bottom of this gravy train.

I will also be writing soon to the incumbent FAS to enquire further on these follow up queries and will keep all the stakeholders informed of our queries and their replies.

We have taken steps to ensure no more political appointees and influence.

We now might have to place checks and balance into the FAS constitution to ensure that no one determines FAS Budget but FAS itself!

We must equally work hard to ensure no money influence decides the direction of football.

Well, it looks like we have a lot more work cut out for us but we have proven to be the hard working team for all the stakeholders.

Which leads me to my next point – I would say much is said about a new team of power-horses taking over FAS. Okay, I can fathom it. But where were they at the AGM to speak up and question on behalf of the stakeholders? They were a NO SHOW.

With respect, if you were not present and you have no valid excuse and we hardly heard a sniffle from you on the state of FAS, how can u stand for elections? and how can you say want to be take seriously?

Those who did not fight in the trenches don’t deserve to stand for FAS office.

Venga, James and I worked day and night and past midnight even fighting off our flu bugs for the betterment of SG football.

Those who fail to turn up, cannot be seriously interested in FAS of the future.

Republished from Mr Dodwell’s Facebook page. He was responding to TISG article: ‘FAS spends $70K on community football but $1.6M on salaries of key personnel‘.