Jackson Wang became a hot topic when a few  scandals about him appeared on social media. The gossip mostly circulated on Weibo when somebody published footage of him allegedly holding the hand of an influencer named Iris at a nightclub. Other than that, an internet troll also claimed that the celebrity hit on her once at a club in Toronto.

iGOT7s (fans of Jackson) were quick to deny the allegations. They said that the footage of Wang and Iris was from back in July during the launch party of his clothing label, Team Wang.

iGOT7s also pointed out that there were many other fashion influencers and industry insiders present. Iris had a live stream during the event where she had a conversation with the Oxygen singer. Iris said that Wang greeted her and told her that he had seen her on Instagram before.

Fans came to the 26-year-old idol’s defense, saying that Wang did the same thing while socialising with other influencers. However, the rumour did not end there. A netizen claimed that the idol hit on her during a night out at a Toronto club.

Iris is an influencer that was allegedly linked to Jackson Wang. Picture: Instagram

The internet user asked, “Is Jackson still in Canada?” She replied, “Wow, there was a person at Rebel who just took off his sunnies and asked if I was Chinese. I said yes. He said his name is Wang Jia’er and asked if I knew who he was. I said I didn’t know him. We also shook hands. I was a bit dazed, but I am conscious now.”

In a follow up comment, she wrote, “So Wang Jia’er and I shook hands. I even asked ‘Are you a fake Wang Jia’er?’ I’m sober now. I’m in deep regret now.” She then shared an alleged text exchange between her and Wang. She reminded him of the time they met at Rebel, which he confirmed, replying, “Yes.”

Fans claimed that the whole conversation was fake and doctored using photoshop. The original texts show a fan asking whether Jackson is really coming out with a new music project. Many iGOT7s are upset about the rumours and they say that this happens whenever Jackson Wang or GOT7 are preparing to have a comeback to the K-pop scene. They also said that the rumours are started by anti-fans of the group.

In related news about GOT7, the boys are set to drop their new album “Breathe Of Love: Last Piece” on 30th November.