Singapore — A man who jumped into the Rain Oculus whirlpool at Marina Bay Sands seemed to find it much easier to get in than get out. Luckily, the water feature was dry at the time of his entry, which netizens found facepalm-worthy.

An eleven-second clip of a masked young man trying to escape the water feature was uploaded on the Facebook page Sgfollowall last week, although it’s uncertain when the incident actually occurred.

An onlooker can be heard saying “Jump inside, bro,” while others laughed, as the hapless young man seems clueless as to how to get out.

But he must have got out somehow.

According to an Aug 12 Facebook post from Shin Min Daily News, the young man seemed to have somehow dropped his identification card into the whirlpool, although Shin Min also pointed out that it would have been better if he had got the staff to assist him in the matter.

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Netizens also collectively rolled their eyes at the young man’s actions.


The website of Mr Ned Khan, who designed the water feature, describes it as “a large whirlpool form(ing) inside a 70-foot diameter acrylic bowl and falls 2 stories to a pool below.”

From the website of Mr Ned Khan
From the website of Mr Ned Khan

It functions as a rain collector and a skylight, with the rainwater “recycled back to the whirlpool and also fills a canal that runs through the atrium.”

Furthermore, the site says, “The pumps that direct water into the bowl are turned on and off a few times an hour so the whirlpool is always changing in shape and intensity. At peak flow rates there are 8000 gallons per minute falling through the atrium and 200 tons of water swirling around in the bowl.”

The video below shows how impressive the Rain Oculus, completed just ten years ago, can be.


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