SINGAPORE: Many believe that Singapore is one of the safest—if not THE safest—places in the world, and an expat couple may well believe this to be true.

In many countries, when you leave something behind, you may as well count it as lost, as one man who inadvertently left behind a present for a friend at Changi Airport thought.

But to his and his partner’s surprise, it was found and turned over to Changi Airport employees, where the expats claimed it later.

This left TikTok user @niminthewild, an expat who works as a “lawyer / corporate girl in Singapore,” feeling pretty amazing. Ms Nim characterised the experience as something that can only happen in Singapore.


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Her partner had arrived in Changi and had bought a gift at a duty-free shop, which he mistakenly left on a bollard at the arrivals pick-up area. He thought the parcel was long gone, but Ms Nim thought of checking online.

“I realised that you could just mark an item as missing, so I did that and just kind of hoped that it would be found.”

To their great surprise, they got an email from Changi Airport around half an hour later saying the item had been found and was ready to be picked up.

“I cannot believe it. We thought it was long gone and I know in this instance it’s not sentimental object by any means, but just the fact that they found it, and that no one else had taken it or maybe someone handed it in, it’s insane. So very grateful, thank you, Changi airport. You’re the best,” she added.

TikTok users commenting on her post told her this is not unusual. “it’s normal in Singapore,” wrote one.

And when one wrote, “I was sick and withdrew S$500 from an ATM & walk away. the person behind ran after me with the cash I forget to take,” another answered that that had happened to them when they left S$400 at an ATM as well.

“I lost my wallet 4 times in SG. Each time it made its way back to me,” one chimed in.

Another wrote that when he dropped his wallet while cycling, a man returned it the next day, even apologizing that he had been unable to do so immediately.

When one man left his keys on the windshield of his BMW, it was still there when he returned many hours later.

“There’s a lot of honesty in SG,” wrote one commenter. /TISG

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