Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan, 38, may be 12 years older than his brother Ruan Jingmin but they look so similar that fans cannot help but say that they could easily pass off as twins.

Ethan had just completed his quarantine after arriving in China on Tuesday (Dec 1) and he met Jingmin for a meal at a famous soup dumpling restaurant and uploaded two photos from their outing on social media.

Judging from the rest of Ethan’s feed, his brother does not make an appearance on Ethan’s socials very often so this was a rare treat for fans.

Ethan Ruan, Ruan Jingmin and restaurant staff pose for the camera. Picture: Weibo

Fans online were amazed at how similar the siblings look and left comments like “Jingmin is the mini version of Ethan”, “I thought they were twins”, “I thought it was his body double”, “Please let Jingmin make his acting debut as well”, “Jingmin looks like Ethan when he was younger”, and “The Ruan family has good genes! Both brothers are handsome”.

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The entertainment website 8days.sg joked: “Guess You Can Say Good Looks Ruan In The Family”.

Although the siblings look alike, Ethan and Jingmin are said to have very different personalities. Ethan is said to be extroverted and energetic, while Jingmin is quiet and introverted with no plans to be in showbiz.

Ethan rose to prominence with the television series Fated to Love You (2008). He won the Best Actor award at the 47th Golden Horse Awards for his role in Monga in 2010.

He began his career in the entertainment industry with Catwalk Modelling Agency. As a model, he starred in the music videos of several popular artistes, including Stefanie Sun, A-Mei and S.H.E.

Ethan made his debut in the 2004 television series Michael the Archangel. Subsequently, he took on other dramas such as Green Forest, My Home (2005) and Summer x Summer (2006).

However, despite proving to be a promising actor, Ethan’s career failed to take off. It was only after he starred in the 2008 drama, Fated To Love You, that he managed to achieve breakthrough. It was the highest-rated Taiwanese idol drama. This was followed by another hit drama, My Queen, in 2009. /TISG