SINGAPORE: In the face of a significant increase in local COVID-19 cases, several companies in Singapore have said they have no plans to implement additional pandemic prevention measures, preferring to maintain their existing protocols like having a hybrid work-from-home model.

Public relations company Tate Anzur told CNA that it had previously embraced a “health reset” strategy during the pandemic’s peak in April. Encouraging employees to work from home for several weeks proved successful, leading the company’s founder and managing director, Yvonne Li, to assert that no further measures are needed at this stage of the surge in cases.

Ms Li emphasized the lessons learned during the earlier phase of the pandemic, pointing out that the company’s hybrid model has proven effective. She said, “There is no need to take additional precautions as employees have the right to prioritize their own health and have the option to work from home while being fully trusted to maintain their professionalism.”

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Other companies echoed similar sentiments. Prudential Singapore’s Chief Human Resources Officer Neetha Nair stressed the company’s commitment to encouraging vaccination, wearing masks, and minimizing interactions, particularly with vulnerable groups. The company has also embraced flexible working arrangements, some of which have become permanent post-COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health announced a surge in Covid-19 cases earlier this month. Singapore reported an estimated 32,035 infections from Nov 26 to Dec 2, a significant increase from the previous week’s 22,094. Daily hospitalizations and ICU admissions have risen, though not reaching the levels seen during the height of the pandemic.