SINGAPORE: An employer recently took to social media to express her frustrations about her helper’s behaviour, specifically her frequent video calls during work hours.

“It’s infringing into our privacy,” the employer stated in her post on the ‘MDW in Singapore’ Facebook group.

Despite her repeated requests that the helper respect their privacy and refrain from making calls during work hours, the employer said this behaviour persisted.

“Again, I caught her on the video call with my kid in the room. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.” She then asked, “How would you deal with this situation?”

The employer also clarified that she would be fine if these calls were made during the helper’s nighttime rest or in the privacy of her room.

However, since her helper continued making video calls during the day while she was supposed to be working, it became a concern for the employer. 

The calls were often made in the presence of her child, which not only distracted the helper from her duties but also exposed the interior of their home.

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“There’s no point keeping a helper who doesn’t know how to respect house rules and boundaries”

The employer received plenty of advice from the online community of employers and helpers. 

Many suggested that she assert her authority and issue an ultimatum, such as terminating the helper’s employment, if she continued to conduct the video calls and disrespected their privacy.

One netizen even suggested that she speak directly to her agency and let them handle the situation.

Another netizen added, “If she doesn’t listen and keeps doing things behind your back and makes you uncomfortable, then I guess it’s better to let her go.

There’s no point keeping a helper who doesn’t know how to respect house rules and boundaries.”

Others came up with a different idea, suggesting a heartfelt conversation to understand why the helper prefers daytime video calls.

In this conversation, they also suggested finding a middle ground to satisfy both parties. For example, if the helper’s video calls during the day are due to her family’s availability, she could perhaps allow her to make these calls during lunchtime.

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On the other hand, a few defended the helper and said that the employer “should just relax” as the helper and her family likely mean no harm.

One netizen said, “Don’t be so petty, she is also a human being. As long as she’s doing her work well and doesn’t cause trouble just let go and let live la.”

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