SINGAPORE: An employer took to social media asking if he was liable to pay his maid’s medical bills after she got an infection from a procedure she did overseas.

In an anonymous post to a support group online for domestic helpers and employers alike, one man wrote: “Hi there, my helper went travelling and did aesthetic procedure. However, came back with infection. Is employer liable to pay for the medical?”

The man explained in the comments section that this was not the first time his maid had a procedure done and got an infection.

He also asked if he could cancel her Work Permit (WP) and send her back to her home country instead of paying her medical bills here.

Netizens who commented on the post urged the man to write to the Manpower Ministry (MOM) for clear information on the matter.

Here’s what one netizen said: “Sorry the bond conditions state employer responsible for all medical bills. Depending on whether hospitalised or not or if trip is working or not will determine if fees are claimable from insurance”.

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Two others also said that if she went of her own accord, then she would be liable to pay her own bills: “She did not acquire the infection while working so i guess her own bill…Not sure though,just my thought”.

Earlier this year, another employer whose helper wanted to travel overseas on her days off took to social media to ask whether she was legally allowed to and if he was liable to pay her medical fees.

In a post to a Facebook support group for helpers and employers alike, the man wrote: “As employer, can anyone advise whether it us the legal rights of my helper to travel to Johore Bahru or Batam on her off day”.

He also asked if the employer would be liable to pay for province medical fees and other expenses should the helper meet with unforeseen accidents while she is overseas.

Employer asks if his maid is legally allowed to go to JB or Batam on her days off, and if he’s liable to pay for her medical should she get injured