SINGAPORE: An employee took to an online forum on Wednesday (April 1) to ask Singaporeans: “Is it normal for your boss to refuse to approve leave ‘because it’s too long in advance’ while assuring you it will be approved?”

In her post, the employee mentioned that she’s ready to book flight tickets for a European trip and RSVP for a July wedding. However, she hasn’t gone ahead because she thinks it might be risky without getting her leave formally approved first.

“Why won’t he just approve it if he claims ‘it will be fine’? Is it some sort of power game?”

“Write an email and cc your HR, specifically telling about your wedding/holiday plan”

In the comments section of the thread, Redditors said that her boss’ behaviour is “not normal” and suggested “get in writing” in case he changes his mind.

One Redditor commented, “In writing, but without aggression. E.g., not printed and signed, more email or WhatsApp, and forward to your personal device.

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Can keep it informal by waiting a few days, then add some detail on WA / email, e.g., ‘These are the flights we’re looking at (attached).

My SO’s already gotten approval, and airlines are likely to raise prices about 4-6 months prior, would appreciate it if you could update me once decision can be made. When would you expect that to be?’”

Another Redditor said, “Write an email and cc your HR, specifically telling about your wedding/holiday plan, highlighting to them that you want to inform early to let manager to plan for the resources.”

Meanwhile, others contributed by sharing similar experiences, noting that bosses who promised to approve leaves often don’t when the time came for approval.

This made them feel disappointed and unsure about trusting similar promises in the future.

One Redditor shared, “You’re screwed. The last time I had a direct manager, they pulled the same BS when I applied for leave to do an exam, and actually changed the date approved from the day of my exam to the day after the exam.”

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Another recounted, “My friend’s boss pulled the same stunt, and when the leave date came around the boss said he couldn’t take leave cause needed him. Unfortunately, my friend was a pushover and actually cancelled his plans.”

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