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Elon Musk recently reposted a video of Senator Chuck Schumer stating that America needs to welcome and embrace the 11 million illegals in the country. For obvious reasons, the Tesla founder is unhappy about it. As a legal immigrant himself, he has stated multiple times on the difficulty for an immigrant to migrate to America legally. 

According to Yahoo News, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez highlighted Elon Musk’s immigrant status in a social media exchange, countering his critique of Democratic immigration policy. Musk, born in South Africa and a U.S. citizen since 2002, had suggested Democrats aim to gain voters through immigration. 

Ocasio-Cortez clarified that seeking asylum is legal. The debate touched on a potential policy to grant green cards to long-term residents facing family hardship, emphasizing that green card holders cannot vote but may pursue citizenship after five years, or three if married to a U.S. citizen.

Elon Musk claims US Government aims to give illegals citizenship 


Additionally, X users claim that those in the government who support this idea should be charged with treason. Conservatives are not in favor of having undocumented people coming into the country by the masses. For the most part, a lot would be alright if they were documented. 


Following that, many are defending Tucker Carlson for his previous statements of this agenda. Unfortunately for him, he was labeled as a conspiracy theorist for this. But now, it seems that even the Democrats are proving him right with their agenda to bring in more workers that are undocumented. 


Conservatives are making bold statements saying that the Democrats need to go. They claim that the Republicans are the only ones that can save America from peril. Regardless, the same statement is reflected back to the Republicans as well. 

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