Speaking at the launch of the Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) new headquarters on Monday (Jan 27) at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Secretary-General Dr Tan Cheng Bock predicted that the Wuhan virus would impact the timing that elections are called.

Addressing more than 40 party members who were present at the occasion, along with members of the media and special guests, Dr Tan said: “I think it will have an impact on election”.

He added that, “The illness can stretch on. I think it is not wise to hold the election so fast because rallies – everybody will be crowding together. All these campaigns, you know. So have to be careful long term”.

Emphasising that the spread of the virus could have long-term effects, he added that even the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003 “also took quite a while before we can really understand the spread of the illness and the containment of the spread”.

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Dr Tan also commented on how he was dissatisfied with the types of hospitals being built whereby they were connected to many shopping centres or shops.

He said: “It is very dangerous because I see some of the patients carrying their drips, walking all around in the coffee shops. My goodness, I worry, if there is a spread, this person spread to him” (sic).

According to him, the types of hospitals he favoured were ones that were standalone buildings because it would be a lot easier to contain the spread of contagious diseases.

“But at this point, lets not have any blame game”, Dr Tan said.

“Now our focus is let’s contain it. All work together as a team. We don’t care which political party you belong to. The problem is there. Let us all work together”, Dr Tan emphasized. /TISG