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Dr Chee Soon Juan gatecrashes segment and answers some questions from Gen Z’s new voters

Netizens commended Dr Chee for making an effort to connect with everyone across different generations




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Singapore – Opposition Singapore Democratic Party chief Dr Chee Soon Juan was spotted joining in on a social media segment featuring Generation Z voters and got to answer a few questions they had on the upcoming General Elections.

One of Singapore’s leading digital lifestyle platforms, spotted.sg, featured a segment on Gen Z members and their expectations as first-time voters. Savina, 24, and William, 23, were the two individuals interviewed by spotted.sg. They were asked GE2020-related questions such as the date of polling day, the difference between cooling-off day and nomination day, and whether they knew their respective polling station for the big day.

“I have enthusiastic friends who’re super excited about polling,” shared William. His friends would post on their Instagram stories links to Government websites where one would key in their NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) to get the location and schedule of voting.

When asked which two political parties first came to their minds, Savina replied with the People’s Action Party (PAP) and the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) while William wrote PAP and The Workers’ Party (WP). Savina revealed that her answers were based on who was a member of each party, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in PAP and his younger brother, Lee Hsien Yang in PSP. William, on the other hand, considered PAP and WP as the OG (original) and remembered them for their memes.

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After being asked if the younger generation was genuinely interested in politics, to which the two had varying answers, Dr Chee popped up on the scene. “Sorry to gatecrash, but I thought I’d just come and pay you guys a visit,” he said. Savina and William then had a chance to ask him some questions. After introducing himself, he shared his appreciation towards the Gen Zs interest on the elections period. “Because don’t forget, you’ll be taking over society,” he added.

Is it difficult to be in an opposition party?

“The question always swings from ‘Are you a fool?’ or ‘Are you just being brave about it?’” said Dr Chee. He admitted that being in his situation can be really gratifying due to the sense of achievement it brings. “And your goal is to make Singapore a better place,” he added.

I’m starting work soon, and I’m afraid of a recession

Savina shared her concerns entering her first job and the possibility of the country entering a recession due to the current climate. She asked for Dr Chee’s opinion on the matter. “I think we’re very close to a recession,” he answered. “But it’s never the end of the world,” he said reassuring them. Dr Chee encouraged them to chase their passion, which is the same advice he gives to his children.

Members from the online community commended Dr Chee for exerting effort in connecting with everyone across different generations and noted Bukit Batok residents are fortunate to have him representing them. He is contesting in Bukit Batok SMC the second time around against Murali Pillai who took 61.2 per cent of votes in a 2016 by-election.

Photo: FB screengrab/spotted.sg

Photo: FB screengrab/spotted.sg

Dr Chee answers some questions from Gen Zs new voters #BukitBatok #SDP #4Y1N #CSJ #GE2020 #CSJForBukitBatok

Posted by Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 on Friday, July 3, 2020

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