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Doja Cat, known for her hit “Paint the Town Red,” addressed ongoing rumours suggesting she despises her fans, affectionately called “Kittenz,” during an interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden.

She clarified that there’s never been a direct quote from her stating hatred toward her fans and laughed off the misunderstanding, attributing it to people not grasping her humour. She emphasized her comfort with those who understand her jokes and stated that she shouldn’t have to explain her comedic style to anyone who doesn’t.

In July, Doja faced backlash and lost followers after declining to affirm her love for fans on social media, stating she didn’t know them personally.

This led to further criticism when she defended herself against accusations of rudeness, suggesting that no one forced support upon the critics and dismissing their comments as unreasonable.

Doja Cat on Creepy Kittenz

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Additionally, she criticized fans for naming themselves Kittenz, labeling it as “creepy” and advising them to find employment. Earlier, she had raised eyebrows by seemingly belittling her first two albums as “cash-grabs.”

In her conversation with Harper’s Bazaar, she delved into the theory that fans’ perception of ownership over her leads to outrage when she acts unexpectedly. She posited that to those who only know her online, she might not feel real, prompting a sense of possession.

She acknowledged the inevitable shock when someone they feel connected to changes drastically, recognizing this as a recurring pattern she has come to accept.

Challenges of navigating fan expectations

Doja Cat’s interviews highlight her perspective on the disconnect between her public persona, fan perceptions, and the challenges of navigating fan expectations in the digital space.

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