SINGAPORE: In a gesture aimed at spreading joy and inspiration, Krsna’s Free Meals Kitchen, a charitable organization in Little India, partnered with international non-profit organization Love Button and British rock band Coldplay to gift tickets for the band’s recent concert in Singapore to three local migrant workers.

While the move garnered widespread support, it has also sparked a debate among netizens regarding the cultural relevance of the gift. Critics online have questioned whether the foreign workers, who may not be familiar with Coldplay’s music, would genuinely enjoy the concert. One Singaporean even asked, “Do they know who Coldplay are?”

Some netizens suggested that providing tickets to a concert with music more aligned with the workers’ cultural background, such as a Tamil music event, might have been a better choice.

Krsna’s Free Meals Kitchen’s gesture of gifting Coldplay concert tickets was to inspire and convey goodwill to the migrant workers, fostering a sense of hope and helping them realize their dreams.

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The organization is known for providing free breakfast and lunch to migrant workers daily, and this gift is aimed at positively impacting the workers’ overall well-being.

The charity received eight free tickets through collaboration with Love Button and Coldplay.

Some netizens applauded the initiative, while others insisted that foreign workers might have preferred concerts featuring music from their own cultural backgrounds.

Meanwhile, Krsna’s Free Meals Kitchen shared a video on Instagram showcasing migrant workers at the concert, seemingly enjoying the music and atmosphere.

The organization said in the comments that a volunteer treated the workers to dinner before the concert and personally handed them the tickets, ensuring a memorable experience.

@krsnasfreemeal Replying to @soggycereal🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎 It was incredible! They had a great time! Coldplay + Migrant Workers = ☺️🎆😁🎉🎊 🎇 #coldplay #migrantworkers #coldplayconcert #krsnasfreemeals #volunteer #singapore #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Krsna’s Free Meals

While the opinions of some remain divided on the appropriateness of the gift, others have argued that exposure to diverse cultural experiences can contribute positively to the lives of migrant workers, promoting inclusivity and a sense of global connection.

@krsnasfreemeal From Building to Boogieing! Imagine helping to construct a stadium and then returning to rock out at a concert! These migrant workers built this very stadium, and now they’re here at a Coldplay concert, dancing and singing. Let’s celebrate their hard work and this moment of pure joy! #MigrantHeroes #MusicMagic #BuildingDreams #coldplay #ColdplaySingapore #migrantworkers#krsnasfreemeals#singapore#soupkitchen ♬ original sound – Krsna’s Free Meals