SINGAPORE: In its 24-hour haze forecast for Thursday (Oct 12), the National Environment Agency (NEA) said that continued rainfall is expected to keep cross-border haze at bay despite the greater number of fire spots in Indonesia on Wednesday (Oct 11).

The thunderstorms across Singapore on Wednesday helped to keep the 24-hour pollutant standard index (PSI) at a moderate level between 56 and 81 points; the one-hour PM2.5 index was at a normal level between 13 to 28.

NEA noted that satellite images show that 66 fire spots were discovered in southern and central Sumatra on Wednesday, up from 15 fire spots on Tuesday.

Satellite images also detected moderate haze in southern Sumatra, blowing to the northwest.

NEA said that the local 24-hour air pollution index is expected to remain at a moderate level in the next 24 hours.

Singapore experienced “unhealthy” air quality levels last Saturday (Oct 7), when the PSI exceeded 100 for the first time since 2019, reaching as high as 123.

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Satellites observed the most fire spots in Sumatra on Friday (Oct 6), detecting 212 fire spots. Current weather conditions have contributed to a significant reduction in the haze threat to Singapore.