Asia Malaysia Defeat in Johor is a clear message to Pakatan, says Anwar

Defeat in Johor is a clear message to Pakatan, says Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim said it's time for Pakatan Harapan leaders to listen closely and make immediate changes




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PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said the Pakatan Harapan government’s defeat in Tanjung Piai is a clear message to the leaders of the government to change.
He told the PKR National Congress on Saturday that Malaysians have given a clear message to the leaders on top.

He also said it’s time for Pakatan Harapan leaders to listen closely and make immediate changes. He did not go to the length of mentioning the expected power transition, however.

“Since independence, no government has been given such a beating in a by-election. Ponder on this and take it as a lesson to all the Pakatan Harapan leaders.

“You were given a mandate, don’t be too confident. Don’ become too arrogant with the power you have,” he said to a rousing response from the hall.

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Azmin Ali, the person who positioned himself as a contender in the party to the Prime Minister’s post in competition to Anwar, did not clap hands or raise his voice in unison with the crowd.

He sat there idle while people raised hands or screamed in harmony with Anwar.
He says with the mandate, the PH should strive to solve the problems faced by the people instead.

“In last week Pakatan Harapan’s meeting, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir took the stance to listen and took note of what the leaders said, including the views of Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who chaired the meeting.

“I am glad about the receptive mood to accept the facts. The people down there has (sic) given a message. People up there, listen well and change now,” he said.

The crowd cheered at almost every phrase of his speech, showing support for his views that the PH has messed up and must change immediately.

Sing A Long

On a lighter note, Anwar also joined other PKR leaders (in the absence of Azmin Ali) to sing a song about ‘True Friendship’.

Azmin ditched the congress with his supporters claiming the leaders did not honour an agreement made before the event today (Sunday).

The Azmin group said some leaders took shots at them and Anwar also mentioned ‘traitors’ during his opening speech and this got delegates harping at each other.

Malaysiakini says Azmin appeared rather irate over the “traitor” analogy this morning.

He also wrote a tweet alluding that he has contributed to the party over the past two decades. He is a powerful Economic Affairs Minister in Dr Mahathir’s cabinet. -/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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