[Photo: Dee Kosh YouTube]

Singaporean youtuber Eden Ang has been accused of sexual harassment against an unnamed 18-year-old former employee. The issue spilled into the public domain when a friend of the alleged victim accused Eden Ang of inappropriately touching the 18-year-old against her will.

The friend further alleged that the 18-year-old girl tried to make a police report but that the police officer who attended to her asserted that the incident was consensual and indicated that the incident was the alleged victim’s fault due to the way she was dressed:

The alleged victim’s friend, cosplayer Kuroe Kun, also uploaded this screenshot of a text conversation between Ang and the 18-year-old:

Kun further added that the 18-year-old works as a makeup artist and is a social influencer herself. She added that she is bringing this incident to light to serve as a cautionary note for those who are employed by Ang:

The post has since been deleted.

Eden Ang came forward shortly after the post was uploaded to deny the allegations, calling the accusations against him “malicious”. He added that he has lodged a police report over the matter and added that he is fully cooperating with the authorities after asserting his trust in the Singapore Police force and the legal system:

Fellow youtuber Dee Kosh uploaded a Youtube video, revealing more details that appear to incriminate Ang:

Dee Kosh criticised the police officer who allegedly blamed the 18-year-old and said, “I know they do their jobs well, but that is some shit from the 70s.”

He added that the alleged victim “could have been naked and it still wouldn’t be her fault” before demanding for “something…to be done in the police system of Singapore”.

From the things he revealed in the video, Dee Kosh appears to be intimately aware of the details of the case and revealed that the 18-year-old allegedly met Ang at a boxing match. She subsequently shared a video clip of Ang on Instagram.

Ang allegedly saw the video and reached out to the girl and employed her as his personal assistant.

Dee Kosh alleged that the Ang was unprofessional and tried to control the way the girl dressed during her employment with him, instructing her to “cover up” on one day and “dress different” on another occasion.

When the girl apparently tried to say that she will dress professionally instead, Ang allegedly wrote: “Good girls listen to daddy. You should call me that, actually.”

In another occasion, the girl supposedly told Ang not to touch her and texted him, “don’t touch me”. Ang appears to have replied:

Eden: Yoooooou wish mei mei
: may i remind you that i have a boyfriend
Eden: Then act that way
Employee: oh pls i do
Eden: There’s nothing i say or do that your boyfriend doesn’t know about

On the day of the incident, Ang is believed to have texted the girl to wear a “cute g”, presumably meaning a g-string or thong. He then allegedly instructed the girl, “Listen to daddym show your best assest”

The girl allegedly complied out of fear.

Dee Kosh says that the girl was cleaning pieces of company equipment when Ang told her to remove her pants before touching her inappropriately.

Dee Kosh choked up and added: “I know how it feels to feel powerless in a situation,” revealing that he also experienced abuse in the past.

Dee Kosh called Ang a “sexual predator” and claimed that Ang used his influence as a “famous person” to take advantage of the girl. He also challenged Eden Ang to answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you ask your Personal Assistant (PA) to call you Daddy?
  2. Why did you ask your PA to wear a G-string/thong?
  3. Why did you ask your PA to cover up (her dressing)?
  4. Did you touch your PA in an inappropriate manner?

Dee Kosh later posted a screenshot of Ang’s alleged conversation with the girl alongside a screenshot of his own text conversation with Ang, in response to netizens who doubted the veracity of the screenshots he had shared in his video: