DBS Building

SINGAPORE: DBS customers encountered delays on Friday (1 Dec) while attempting to check their bank deposits through the mobile app, with the bank attributing the issue to higher than normal levels of logins. This incident marked the second such delay episode in 16 months, leaving longtime customers expressing frustration.

At 2.27pm on Friday, DBS posted on Facebook, acknowledging the issue: “We are seeing high traffic into DBS/POSB digibank Mobile due to the large number of customers concurrently logging into the app to check their balances at the start of the month. Due to the higher-than-normal concurrent logins, some customers may face slight delays in accessing their accounts via digibank Mobile.”

Thanking customers for their patience and understanding, the bank suggested that those having issues could login to DBS/POSB digibank online.

Friday, being payday for many Singaporeans, also coincided with a significant number of citizens receiving their Assurance Package payouts from the Government.

The Assurance Package, which includes cash subsidies and special cash subsidies, was set to be distributed to 2.9 million adult Singaporeans as early as December 5, with amounts ranging from $200 to $800.

The release of the payouts earlier than expected, coupled with the surge in users checking their accounts for payment status, likely contributed to the increased login rate and subsequent service delays.

At 8.01pm, DBS announced that no more delays were detected. However, the recurrence of such delays has prompted some customers to question the bank’s ability to handle peak usage periods, raising concerns about the robustness of its digital infrastructure.