SINGAPORE: A young woman took to social media to share that her father usually gave her ang bao worth S$2,500 during Chinese New Year; however, this year, he has not given her anything.

“i don’t want to sound like a spoilt brat… as much as i don’t want to be entitled, but i’m quite shocked and hurt by this sudden change… that was my normal life i’m used to and it’s just that the sudden change is confusing,” the woman wrote on r/askSingapore on Sunday (Feb 11).

The woman also stated that she does not believe she said anything that would have offended her father, as they typically only talk about school during dinner.

She also considered that her dad might be in financial trouble, but then she found out her mother was still spending money on expensive things while her father was discussing his investments.

“I did indirectly ask him, and he just said that money isn’t what’s important, but then the whole time he treated me with all these gifts, then what’s with the sudden change,” the woman wrote.

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‘There’s honestly not much you could do in this situation’

Many people chastised the young woman in the comments section for complaining that she did not receive S$2,500 this year.

One Redditor said, “$2500 red packet. is this a brag or what? sounds like rich ppl problems.”

While another Redditor commented, “Ang Pao of $2500? You are certainly a spoilt brat.”

In contrast, other Redditors defended the young woman, arguing that being subjected to such a situation can be confusing.

One Redditor said, “honestly? you don’t sound spoilt/bratty bc it’s a sudden change. it’s sudden that your father doesn’t want to support you, but ig talk to your father/ mother or any close relatives? there’s honestly not much you could do in this situation.”

Another Redditor also offered a plausible explanation: “Parents can go through sudden changes in their financial circumstances, as well as changes in their attitude towards their children. This is natural.

What is important is not so much the money – disregard the cruel comments here – but the communication between your father and you. I think you feel the same way as well – it is not so much the money, but what does this sudden change mean?”

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Ang bao blues

Some kids have been opening up online about the changes they experienced in the Chinese New Year this year.

In addition to this young woman not receiving her usual ang bao, another young woman complained in late January that her mother was claiming ownership of all the ang baos she received from her relatives.

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