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The illegal invasion towards America is seemingly the new reality of the American people. Furthermore, conservatives state that there are daily illegal immigrants coming into the country by the thousands. Conservatives are fearful for the future of arguably one of the greatest countries in history.  

With regard to this problem, the Democrats are planning to strike a deal regarding these illegals coming into America.  CBS News states, a bipartisan group of Congress lawmakers is close to finalizing a border control deal with the Biden administration to address surges in migrant crossings. The proposed legislation, expected this week, could suspend asylum processing during spikes in illegal entries. 

Senators James Lankford, Chris Murphy, and Kyrsten Sinema are collaborating with the White House on the compromise. The deal aims to grant the executive branch the authority to suspend asylum between official entry points when daily crossings surpass specified thresholds. 

Migrants entering during these periods would face swift deportation. The agreement also includes measures to expedite removals, expedite asylum case decisions, and enhance the standard of proof in initial asylum interviews. 

Daily illegal immigrant caravan invasion coming by the thousands 

X users are accusing the senate of being involved with this situation. Furthermore, it seems that Americans are losing trust in their Democrat government for escalating this problem further. Some are speculating that there are over 5,000 illegals coming into America everyday, which is unsustainable for any country to sustain itself. 

In addition to this, conservatives feel that these illegals should be leaving the country rather than coming into it. Regardless, Americans are tired of having to fork out their tax dollars in lieu to support people running away from their respective countries. 

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