Minister of State for Home Affairs and Social and Family Development Sun Xueling showed off impressive moves in an anti-scam video uploaded over her social media accounts on Monday (Nov 21).

Ms Sun’s post also reminded the public to “Check trusted sources,” with more information available on the website. She also posted the links for downloading the scamshield app, which was launched two years ago for the purpose of fighting scam messages and calls which are targeted at users of mobile phones.


I can Add (privacy settings) Check (trusted sources) Tell (others about scams) against SCAMS!

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On TikTok, Ms Sun’s video has been viewed almost 85,000 times. On Facebook, her post was captioned:

I can
A – Add privacy settings
C – Check trusted sources
T – Tell others about scams
against SCAMS!
Check trusted sources:

Scamshield was “developed by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) in collaboration with Open Government Products (OGP), a division of the Government Technology Agency and the Singapore Police Force,” the app’s page on the government’s National Crime Prevention Council site reads.

And while the message of the MP from Punggol West SMC was undoubtedly important, it was her moves that netizens raved about.

One commenter said, “there’s a new Bond Girl in town.”

“Very impressive Muay Thai elbows!” wrote one.

Another said Ms Sun “can be a martial arts star!”

“Ms Sun, your action looks like Police,” a netizen told her.

The Minister of State also appeared to have gained new fans due to her video.

One even said he thought she was “Wong Li Lin from Triple 9.”



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