Other than Texas, Utah is now in the limelight of conservative Americans. They are currently praising the state for standing up to the Democrats. Furthermore, it seems that the Democrats were wearing black when HB257 and HB261 were announced as they were mourning for their agenda being placed to rest. 

According to Yahoo News, the Utah Senate passed House Bill 261 in a 23-6 vote, aimed at reshaping diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices in public universities, schools, and offices. The bill now returns to the House, where amendments are expected. 

If no further changes occur, it will reach Governor Spencer Cox’s desk. The legislation restricts public institutions from mandating certain submissions or training promoting differential treatment based on identity. 

Following that, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Katy Hall, believes it ensures common-sense policies, eliminating the need for diversity statements or politically ideological training. DEI centers on campuses would be replaced by “Student Success Centers,” although the exact implications remain unclear. 

Conservatives praising Utah for plans to dismantle DEI 

Conservatives state that this is a good move for women and others who would want to be treated equally. For the most part, DEI is seen as something that is unequal and is causing resentment among Americans. Following that, many agreed that DEI is something that must end. 


In addition to this, X users state that the Democrats who were wearing black is appropriate for this occasion. This is due to the fact that DEI will be buried for good and they would not have any room to take advantage of the situation anymore. Another user jokingly states that this is hopefully their admission that this policy is gone for good and they can rejoin society again once they’re done mourning. 

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