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The right and the left are always at odds with each other. Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse as liberals are attacking Trump and conservatives are attacking Biden. Furthermore, both men are flawed in some way, but it seems that the constant attack against Trump is real. 

According to CNBC, a Trump ally warns of legal action against media figures if Trump secures a second term, alleging complicity in election fraud. Kash Patel, former defense advisor, pledges pursuit of “conspirators” who misled and aided Biden. 

Trump’s re-nomination remains uncertain amid legal battles, yet he maintains a strong voter base. While criticizing the media’s bias, Trump denies intentions of retribution if re-elected, focusing instead on border security and energy policies. 

His strained relationship with the press, marked by bans and accusations of bias, led to social media suspensions. Trump’s defiance culminated in plans for his own media network to counter perceived censorship by Big Tech.

However, liberals are also complaining about the biases that President Joe Biden is receiving from several major publications as well. The user noticed that the bias against the President is shocking and that there are numerous stories against him. He critiqued that former President Trump is not receiving the same treatment as Biden. 

Conservatives adamant that Trump receiving shorter end of the stick 

Furthermore, Biden was recently accused of holding on to several documents. But his mental state was quoted as to not take any actions against him. Following that, Trump on the other hand apparently “needs” a mental evaluation in order to “save” democracy. 

Be that as it may, centrists (individuals who are generally politically neutral) are making memes about the two men. The meme depicts that they both are extremely old and are accusing each other of being “senile.” 

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