The mental decline of some individuals are concerning, especially in the day and age of social media. Previously, it was relatively unheard of for a woman to dress herself up as a pig and wallow in mud in the comfort of her bathroom. Most X users find it very uncomfortable to see such a sight.

It appears the normalisation of people fetishing themselves to be an animal is a trend on social media. Previously, there was a man who spent a small fortune to turn himself into a dog, which for obvious reasons, received scorn from all corners of the internet. Furthermore, the real question here is this a fetish or they are genuinely feeling this way?

NDTV states, Japanese man, Toco, spent $14,000 transforming into a dog, fulfilling his dream. Filming his experience on YouTube, he debuted as a collie, interacting with people and dogs, sharing his story but keeping his identity private.

Conservatives want more mental asylums after seeing woman dressing as a pig 

Furthermore, X users state that back in the 1960s, Americans visualised the future to have flying cars. Unfortunately to that reality, we have fully grown adults pretending to be farm animals. There are different opinions when it comes to this topic as some may see it as cosplaying rather than the individual wanting to be the actual animal.

The term for this could be defined as someone being a “furry,” as they feel attracted or attractive when wearing these costumes. It is most definitely peculiar as most people are not into that sort of thing.

In addition to this, X users state that with the advent of social media and for people to fully express their weirdness, they are starting to lose their dignity. However, others are saying that if someone is willing to do this, they might not even have any dignity to begin with.

Others state that these people are the core supporters of Joe Biden. Several X users feel that Democrats are just like that. Another person claims that this woman is the average cabinet member for the Biden administration. This reference is in lieu of Sam Brinton, a non-binary individual working in the Department of Energy.

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