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SINGAPORE: A company that claims it can help foreigners obtain Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) in just six months has sparked online backlash, with critics calling its advertisement misleading and almost “scammy.”

Criticism poured in after a video promoting Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) described it as a “life hack.” The video stated that PR holders can buy resale HDB flats, live and work without needing an Employment Pass (EP), and eventually apply for citizenship to enjoy the same rights as native Singaporeans.

The speaker concluded by urging viewers to apply for PR, claiming that using a consultancy could secure their PR status in six months, removing all the hassle from the process.

Many Singaporeans online swiftly condemned the claims, arguing they were misleading and potentially a scam. Critics expressed doubts about the feasibility of obtaining PR status in such a short time frame without significant contributions to Singapore.

One commenter called the consultancy’s claim as “rage bait,” stating, “You have to be ultra naive to believe that a firm that is trying to advertise its services is going to be fully truthful and representative. Good luck getting PR in six months if you have not made significant contributions.”

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Another said that services using aggressive sales tactics and charging high fees for services may not deliver promised results.

He said, “These are 100% scummy (almost scammy) and they often use hard sale tactics to lock you in paying high fees to just fill in and QA the same template you submit to ICA.”

Many shared the sentiment that the advertisement was a scam.

Another said, “The way she phrased it as a ‘life hack’ is honestly so distasteful.”

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) acknowledges the existence of commercial entities offering to enhance applicants’ chances of obtaining long-term immigration facilities such as PR and citizenship but asserts that it “does not support nor endorse the services offered by these commercial entities or consultants.”

The ICA has also assured that it “carefully assesses all applications for long-term immigration facilities.”

While it does not directly regulate the advertising or immigration consultancy sectors, ICA refers misleading advertisements to the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) for investigation and potential punitive action under the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice (SCAP).

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Urging vigilance, ICA has cautioned that it will not be responsible or held accountable in any way for any loss in engaging with services provided by these commercial entities or consultants. /TISG

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