Entertainment Celebrity has to thank Liam for his '' role

Chris Hemsworth has to thank Liam for his ‘Thor’ role

, by then a successful actor in his own right auditioned for the role unsuccessfully.




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Fans around the world know best for his role as , the hammer-wielding demigod in the Marvel films but there was a time when he wasn’t sure if he would score the coveted role.

He almost missed out on the chance of a lifetime, and to a family member.

Chris Hemsworth was born in Australia in 1983, the second of three brothers.

His older brother, Luke Hemsworth and younger brother would become actors as well.

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Chris Hemsworth began his career by acting onscreen in a variety of television soap operas like Guinevere Jones and The Saddle Club.

He was first introduced to American audiences in 2009 playing James T.Kirk’s father in Star Trek.

He also appeared in the thriller A Perfect Getaway.

Although he was getting good roles, he hadn’t yet scored the role that would take his career to the next level.

However, he didn’t have long to wait because Marvel Studios had started their search for the perfect actor to take the lead in their brand-new Kenneth Branagh-directed film, Thor.

Dozens of actors tried out for the role of Thor, the god of thunder, including English actor Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston was cast in the prime role of Loki, the villainous brother of Thor as he didn’t snag the lead role.

Hemsworth shared about the difficult audition process, saying that he tried out for the part very early in the process and didn’t do well at all.

Liam Hemsworth, by then a successful actor in his own right went to try to the role. Chris revealed that his younger brother did quite well, which irritated him.

That pushed him to try out for another screen test in which he killed it, impressing the film’s creators immensely.

The “brotherly rivalry,” as the older Hemsworth brother called it, motivated him to push the limits of his abilities, and as everyone now knows, he landed the coveted role.

Liam didn’t feel sorry for himself even though he didn’t get a part in Thor. He went on to star in the Hunger Games series, The Last Song, The Duel and Empire State.

He later admitted that he was never really sold on the part anyway, feeling that he was too young to be convincing in the role.

Liam was only 18 when he tried out for Thor.

Thor was well-received when it was released in 2009.

The dark, moody film was different from anything that Marvel had released before, and Chris Hemsworth was pitch-perfect as Thor, the disgraced son of Odin who is banished to Earth when he can’t control his temper.

Hemsworth has gone on to reprise his role as Thor multiple times, including in Marvel’s The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.

While Marvel has stayed mum on the future of his character, he is set to return as Thor in the upcoming release, Thor: Love and Thunder, opposite Natalie Portman. As for Hemsworth, he has proven that he has the talent and charm to bring any character (no matter how otherworldly) to life.

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