Hong Kong TVB actress has just recently passed away.

According to Mingpao, the news of her passing was announced 13 August by Leung’s grandson Nicholas Yuen.

He shared that she passed away in the hospital accompanied by her family.

“I would like to thank the medical staff for their careful care. I am also grateful for all the love shown to Lily for many years,” said Nicholas.

The details about the funeral ceremony will be announced later on, he said.

“Lily is a devout Catholic, and the funeral will be a Christian ceremony,” he added.

Leung’s family has declined to elaborate more about the cause of death.

It has been reported that Leung was hospitalised for cancer previously.

Leung was born in January 1929 and she debuted her career as a news reporter in 1957.

After that, she transferred to TVB in the 70’s to focus on a career as an actress.

She is most remembered for her roles in dramas like “A Kindred Spirit”, “Sisters of Pearl”, and “A Fist Within Four Walls”. The actress still has series that have yet to be aired, including the Miriam Yeung-starrer, “Wonder Women”.

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Leung was 90.