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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie quits from the 2024 presidential race, signaling the end of a campaign that played a pivotal role as a self-appointed counterbalance to former President Donald Trump.

Christie, addressing supporters in New Hampshire on Wednesday evening, conceded, “It’s clear to me that there isn’t a path for me to win the nomination. Which is why I’m suspending my campaign.”

Chris Christie quits 

“I am going to make sure that in no way do I enable Donald Trump to ever be president of the United States again, and that’s more important than my own personal ambition,” emphasized Christie, underscoring his commitment to preventing a Trump resurgence.

Despite focusing his efforts primarily in New Hampshire, recent polling from the University of New Hampshire/CNN indicated that among Christie’s supporters in the state, 65% identified Nikki Haley as their second choice.

Analysts believe Christie’s departure now increases the likelihood of Haley gaining traction.

“It’s a big deal and sets the stage for a two-person race here between Haley and Trump. New Hampshire is tightening, and it’s about to get a bit more snug,” commented New Hampshire GOP strategist Jim Merrill.

The decision

Christie’s decision to withdraw was, in part, influenced by the pleas of New Hampshire voters, who, during numerous town hall meetings, urged him to exit the race and throw his support behind Nikki Haley.

Many feared that Christie’s presence would split the anti-Trump vote, potentially leading to a Trump victory.

While Christie did respond to these calls by exiting the race, he stopped short of endorsing Haley. “She’s going to get smoked, and you and I both know it,” he said.

As the race narrows, all eyes are now on the impending Haley-Trump showdown, which promises to be a defining chapter in the 2024 presidential contest.

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