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The heavily debated subject of the non-binary and transgender community regarding how valid a child’s gender identity is one talked about most frequently. A “child psychologist” claims that children are able to know their gender identity when they reach around four years old. 

Furthermore, conservatives are always vehemently against making kids think about their gender identity as they are still not of age yet. 

The UK’s National Health Service even has updated tips on how parents should deal with their non-binary children. They claim that children would explore their gender identity by seeking a new favorite color or toys that are made for another gender. 

Oddly enough, they state that parents should seek help if your child’s gender exploration causes distress.The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) can assist, offering emotional support and resources. They add that acceptance and communication are crucial; connecting with support groups can be beneficial for both parents and children navigating this journey.

Conservative X users react to statement made by “child psychologist” 

Following that, X users state that tomboys have always been a thing, especially among children. These kids would be more masculine than other girls but it is just them being kids. Conservatives state that this has nothing to do with someone wanting to be a non-binary individual. 

Furthermore, X users are vehemently against teachers talking to kids about intercourse and gender problems. They feel that if there are teachers who openly discuss these topics among children they should be terminated from their employment. There is a time and place to discuss certain things. 


Another user claims that when they were four years old, they thought they were a princess. However, as an adult now, according to this “psychologist,” their identity is valid as they were four years old and thought they were a member of a royal family. 

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