Chicago is now in the spotlight again for having lost 77,000 worth of electronic devices within a school year. These devices add up to $23 million and many are upset at seeing public funds being poured into missing things. Conservatives on X are also blaming diversity for these thefts. 

According to Fox News, the annual report from the Inspector General of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has exposed a significant issue: during the 2021-22 school year, 77,505 tech devices, including laptops, iPads, Wi-Fi hotspots, printers, document cameras, and interactive whiteboards, were reported lost or stolen, amounting to over $23 million in original purchase price. 

The fiscal year 2023 report deems these numbers “unacceptably high” and calls for a “serious overhaul” of the oversight process following the district’s first post-COVID-19 inventory. Shockingly, at three dozen schools, 100 percent of student-assigned tech devices were marked as lost or stolen. 

Despite CPS spending over $124 million on technology assets in the same school year, the report emphasizes the urgency of streamlining the tracking system and enforcing compliance with Board policy. CPS reassures efforts to recover lost devices while recognizing the need for sensitivity to economically disadvantaged families during the recovery process. 

Chicago schools reported $23 million worth of electronics missing 


Conservatives are blaming the diverse nature of the city claiming that this is what happens when liberals focus on diversity rather than meritocracy. Furthermore, there are several comments that are undermining certain individuals of different backgrounds. Generally, not everyone of a similar racial background would behave the same way. 

Others claim that the city is one of the worst run cities in the United States. The $23 million that went missing should be questioned by the people. However, others claim that this money is mostly the taxpayers’ dollars who are for the most part, White liberals. 

Conservatives also state that this is what the liberals would call equity. Where intercity kids are taking things that are meant for school usage. Regardless, there was always a possibility for this to happen. The city should find ways in order to curb these losses. 

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