Singapore – Upcoming drama series The Heartland Hero will be reuniting former co-stars Chantalle Ng and Xu Bin.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@chantalleng)

This exciting news can’t beat actress Chantalle Ng’s recent discovery – a blast from the past.

Ng told about the eight-year-old photo where she was tagged with her old cast that included actor Xu Bin, who starred in World At Your Feet in 2014.

The old picture shows that Ge Ge and Fang Cao already knew each other – Ng referred to their characters from their hit series, My Star Bride.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@the_celebrityagency)

During the interview, she revealed that she didn’t realise that Xu Bin was in that picture too.

“It didn’t even register to me that Xu Bin was next to me when we took that photo. We weren’t that close until My Star Bride,” she said.

Ng added that she only realised that it was Xu Bin after seeing the picture again.

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“From just standing beside each other eight years ago, and now being on the same production again,” said Ng.

Yep, you got that right – actors Chantelle Ng and Xu Bin will be reuniting for the upcoming drama The Heartland Hero. However, there’s a but to it… this new series only runs for two episodes

The actress also revealed that the producer of The Heartland Hero was the one behind My Star Bride as well.

Until production begins, Ng will first reunite with another World At Your Feet co-star, Kimberly Chia, for a separate upcoming drama Live Your Dreams, which is scheduled to air later this year, in September.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@chantalleng)

Ng also opened up about her emotional catch-up session with Chia, about their long-time friendship when they were on the set of Live Your Dreams.

Anyway, it looks like My Star Bride fans have something to look forward to this year – with not one but two new drama series. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are! Stay tuned. /TISG

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